HELP! I Can’t Get Off the Toilet!

HELP—I Can’t Get Off the Toilet!

Why do elderly individuals end up in assisted living facilities? It boils down to mobility issues, specifically the challenge of getting up from the toilet. While it may seem blunt, it’s a harsh reality.

On a broader scale, the primary reason seniors transition to assisted living is the loss of independence. As people age, basic movements become more challenging. Retirement leads to a less active lifestyle, resulting in decreased reasons to leave the house. Consequently, they spend most of their time sitting, leading to muscle weakening.

This underscores the importance of staying physically active as we age. Maintaining an exercise routine is crucial to preserving independence for as long as possible. This benefits not only ourselves but also lessens the burden on our children or the financial strain of professional care.

The exercise requirements for the elderly vary in intensity, not type. For instance, standing up from a chair mirror an air squat, and getting up after a fall mimics a burpee. Even unloading groceries from the car, akin to a farmer’s carry, serves as beneficial exercise.

While aging athletes may not set gym records, they can adapt exercises alongside the rest of the group. A skilled coach can provide guidance, adjusting intensity levels as needed while maintaining consistent movement and range of motion goals.

Strength training is crucial for seniors as it helps prevent and reverse osteoporosis, reducing the risk of fractures from minor accidents. By lifting heavy objects, bone density increases, minimizing the likelihood of injuries.

Participation in group fitness classes may vary for older adults. At CrossFit Quinte, individuals over 50 thrive in classes, while some opt for private sessions initially. The key is staying physically active.

I may not be a high-level athlete or set any records, but the main reason I exercise daily is to maintain independence and avoid the need for extensive care in the future.

Inspiration provided by Rick Preisinger CrossFit Quinte.